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Edible gold tasting in Tuscany is a gastronomic specialty in Italy for exotic lovers. Absolutely harmless procedure for ingestion of finely ground 23-carat gold. It is added as a crumb to dishes and creates a special atmosphere for the meal.

Gold, like many other chemical elements, is found in the human body. Therefore, very small doses will not harm your health. And in the Middle Ages, it was considered a medicine.

Traveling to Tuscany will become a story for you that you will always have to tell your friends. After all, there are not so many countries in the world where you can taste dishes with the addition of gold.

The history of the use of gold dates back to ancient Egypt. Later it gained popularity in China and Greco-Roman culture. And in Italy, food with edible gold is comparable to “food of the gods.”

The edible gold tasting will allow you to sample dishes such as sweet desserts with added golden crumbs, various cakes and candies, Italian sparkling wine with gold glitter in a glass, and even risotto.

Food grade gold doesn’t have any smell or taste. Therefore, chefs add natural flavors to highlight the uniqueness and sophistication of the dish. You will be offered the choice of gold with different flavors: vanilla, lime and, traditionally for Italy, with the taste of white truffle.

Tailor your preferences and experience this gourmet cuisine with an Italian flavor.

A food tour in Tuscany is incomplete if you deny yourself an edible gold tasting. More and more fans of luxury and style are becoming fans of edible gold and occasionally allow themselves such exotic things. Today this trend is gaining momentum. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to be in the trend of modern society.

You can order a tour with edible gold tasting at the indicated contacts.


The Guided tour in Siena is a sudden adventure in time travel. The city seems to be frozen between the XIV and XV centuries. The architecture is executed in the Gothic style and impresses with its dense buildings in narrow streets that lead to old temples.

Siena is imbedded with the spirit of the Middle Ages and will not let you go without stories of the traditions of its locals, legends about the orders of glorious knights and the oldest bank in Europe, which is still in operation. And for entertainment, horse races, known throughout Italy, are held twice a year. We recommend visiting Siena during the summer months.

Siena is town with history. Our guides will immerse you in the cultural characteristics of this glorious city. And a special surprise has been prepared for sweet lovers during the guided tour it will be possible to taste the famous desserts created here: Ricciarelli, Cavalucci, Panforte.

The Guided tour in Siena will be comfortable and informative for you after a sightseeing tour, you will be able to independently walk around the cozy town, see the sights and feel like one of the locals.

Siena is a city of two hearts. The whole life of the Sienese revolves around the square in the center of the city of Piazza del Campo and the Duomo Cathedral.

Siena will satisfy the most discerning tourist by discovering:
● Picturesque locations for photos
● Intriguing stories about the town
● Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages
● Gastronomic delights of local desserts

To book the guided tour of Siena please contact our manager.


The guided tour in San Gimignano is the choice for travelers who prefer walking in a cozy town with picturesque nature, represented by vineyards, cypresses and groves of olive trees.

Traditionally for Tuscany, here you will see many towers from the Middle Ages, which have a pristine appearance and reminders of the time when they still belonged to the families of wealthy aristocrats.

Tuscany is famous for its churches, monasteries and museums. San Gimignano is no exception and will delight you with an abundance of attractions. The walking tour program will include visits to such places:
● Town museum
● Cathedral Square
● Collegiate Church

Although the town is tiny, you will never feel lonely, as San Gimignano is very popular and always filled with travelers from different countries.

The excursion to San Gimignano is primarily associated with the medieval towers that are built throughout the town and it’s surroundings. Our experienced guide will take you through the streets of the city so that you can see these architectural monuments from the best angles.

After your walk through the Sun drenched streets, you can have a snack with the world’s most delicious ice cream made from natural ingredients. And then go down the hills to the springs with natural fresh drinking water.

Planning a romantic trip? San Gimignano is ideal for organizing a romantic dinner in the vineyard. Tuscan wine tasting will be combined with traditional Italian dishes.

An excursion to San Gimignano with a guide is distinguished by a wonderful and cozy atmosphere due to the fact that this town can be experienced in a couple of hours, and all the most interesting parts are compact and located within walking distance. An experienced guide will help you enjoy a walk through the ancient town, and you will still have the strength for the evenings entertainment to continue your acquaintance with Tuscany and its culture.

You can book an excursion to San Gimignano with a guide by contacting where indicated.


The guided tour in Volterra will give you an unforgettable journey in the ancient town. If you want to visit the homeland of the Etruscans and learn more about the millenary history of Italy, this guided tour is perfect for you. Be ready to see a variety of attractions of traditional Italian culture.

Your itinerary will cross the main symbols of Volterra’s cultural heritage, allowing you to visit:
● the Medici Castle of the XIV-XV centuries
● the Palazzo Pretorio with an ancient tower
● the Piazza dei Priori
● the 12th century Cathedral in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin

This is a small list which is incomplete compared to all the iconic places of which Volterra preserves as the best example of the centuries-old history of the city and of the entire Tuscany region.

The guided tour in Volterra is ideal for children and adults. The Etruscan Art Museum will surprise every visitor. A walk along the narrow stone streets will introduce you to the shops of Italian artisans who make various stone and alabaster souvenirs.

The guided tour in Volterra will save you time in searching for interesting places because the itinerary will be made according to your requests and an expert guide will be able to immerse you in local culture and traditions through the most interesting streets of the town.

Lovers of exhibitions will see unique collections in the alabaster museums, in the sacred art museums and in the splendid Pinacoteca di Volterra.

It is possible to book a guided tour in Volterra by filling out our form.


The guided tour in Lucca attracts tourists with a relaxing stroll through the charming small town of Tuscany. The combination of powerful walls and bastions with cozy streets will give you the feeling of incredible charm from this gem among the touristic giants, Florence or Pisa.

An experienced guide will draw up a route and an excursion program taking into account your wishes and will help you to see the most important things and learn interesting facts about this “city of a hundred temples”. Due to the presence of many churches decorated with rare Byzantine mosaics, Lucca received this nickname from the locals. This city will surprise you with the beauty of its patterned facades and unique collections in museums.

Lucca will greet you with uncrowded streets and give you the opportunity to calmly walk, have conversations or take beautiful photos in all significant places. Each excursion is not like the other, because in this town there is no need to rush and hurry anywhere. With a slow, aristocratic gait, you will explore the beauty of the local architecture and appreciate the atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

During the excursion you will learn that the city of Lucca was founded more than two thousand years ago. And many buildings have survived from those times, absorbing the spirit of historical events, revolutions, love stories and military conflicts.

In addition, Lucca will open you up to a city of arts and traditions. This little town known to tourists will not leave you without pleasant impressions from your walk. Local small restaurants will also take care of this, ready to delight you with their specialties. And our guides will choose a gastronomic itinerary according to your taste.

You can book a guided tour in Lucca by contacting where indicated. We will be happy to surprise you.


The guided tour in Florence is a visit to the cultural capital of Europe, which will greet you with masterpieces of architecture, painting and gastronomic delights. A city in which there are three centers – three squares, each with its own history and special significance for the city.

Piazza della Signoria is the political center of the city, Piazza Duomo is the religious center and Piazza della Repubblica is the center for leisure activities with a variety of historic cafes. And in one excursion you will visit all three squares to feel the spirit of the city and feel the breath of history intertwined with the traditions of classical Italy at every step.

The guided tour in Florence will be interesting for travelers of all ages and perfect for families with children. Adults will find for themselves the beauty of a European city and will be able to appreciate the local cuisine learning many of the features of the culture of local residents. And children will find a huge selection of ice creams and cakes, which they have never tasted before.

At the end of the day, you will form a complete picture of the impressions of Florence called “dolce vita”. You will fall in love with this city, you will feel like a real Florentine and you will not want to leave.

Book a guided tour in Florence and you will discover this natural beauty.


The guided tour in Pisa is a trip into the city of Miracles. This is the name of the main square in this beautiful town and the main destination for tourists which is famous for the Leaning Tower.

Book your guided tour in Pisa and you will discover many interesting places and attractions of this historic city with a medieval soul, full of legends and myths.

Your first acquaintance with Pisa will be love at first sight. And many tourists have found love for themselves here. After all, Italy disposes to romance and tender feelings.

Mesmerizing views of historic palaces and the Arno River will impress even experienced travelers. Enjoy picturesque small streets, cozy squares surrounded by towers. Discover the unique architecture of the 11th century church of San Michele in Borgo, the majesty of the Cathedral and the Baptistery. And this is just a small part of what you will see while walking in Pisa.

When you have an experienced guide, you will gain the maximum from the walk, learning all the most interesting aspects about the town and its attractions, and you will not have to look for popular tourist spots at any time. The itinerary will be done according to your preferences.

A guided tour in Pisa is also a great opportunity to taste delicious Italian dishes. An experienced guide will lead you through the streets of some of the most traditional Italian restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger after a few hours of walking.

Pisa is a business card of Tuscany. With its own character in architecture and culture. Learn more about the history of the city and its famous personalities, one of these being Galileo Galilei.

It’s very easy to book a guided tour in Pisa – contact us at the indicated contacts.


Tuscany is the home of excellent Italian cuisine, where we can organize wonderful gastronomic tours in the heart of the region.

The day begins with a guided tour of an ancient castle in a classic medieval village typical of Toscana, overlooking the hills and iparises, from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You will visit an old pasta factory, one of the best examples of Italian pasta production, exported all over the world, where you can admire the entire production process.

Then, you will go to a medieval castle for a wine tasting experience.
The tour will end at a famous dairy farm with a visit to the cheese and ricotta farm, see the surface treatment and packaging process, and after walking around the farm, tasting the typical Tuscan cheeses.


Wine tours in Tuscany are a wonderful opportunity to be among the traditions and culture of Italy. And Tuscany is ideal for tasting Italian wines at the original source. The world famous Chianti is produced in the wineries of Tuscany.
It is better to start your wine tasting tour in the Centre of Tuscany, where you will be greeted by bright emerald hills.

Here you will be immersed in the spirit of the ancient times of the Renaissance, you will be able to visit a family winery and see the process of creating a masterpiece of wine production, from harvesting grapes to bottling.

Wine tasting in Tuscany has a special place among tourists from all over the world. It was here that the great Italian wine revolution began, which resulted in the assignment of the brand status to the wines of Tuscany. You will learn not only the taste of fine Italian wine, but also how to properly hold a glass and distinguish original wines from counterfeits.

The Wine tour in Tuscany is an unforgettable trip to the homeland of the drink of the Gods, which is available to ordinary mortals. Touch the history and legends that come to life in front of you and carry you through the years to the origins of ancient heroes.

        Wine tour in Tuscany is an unforgettable trip to the homeland of the drink of the Gods, which is available to ordinary mortals. Touch the history and legends that come to life in front of you and carry you through the years to the origins of ancient heroes.


Holidays in Italy can be varied and should not be limited to a standard set of excursions and visits to the most popular entertainment places. We can offer you the chance to get to know Tuscany from the other side, to get to know this beautiful region much deeper in the literal and figurative sense.

Non-standard excursions in Italy can be at the quarries of Carrara and Colonnata. These cozy Italian towns will greet you with deposits of snow-white marble. You will touch the history, as this marble was mined in the days of Ancient Rome.

Carrara marble is associated with religious buildings (Roman Pantheon) and works of art by Renaissance masters. You will feel the reflection of the popularity of the use of marble even among the most ordinary inhabitants of Carrara. In their courtyards, you will see incredible marble sculptures that complement the overall picture of the marble region.

The marble quarries tour will immerse you in the atmosphere of the traditional craft of the locals and you will feel the value that marble products have in them. Discover the wonderful world of creating masterpieces.

The guided tour to the marble quarry can be combined with a gastronomic tour, where you can have the opportunity to taste delicious tallow prepared in a special way in marble baths using traditional Italian spices and herbs. A wonderful addition will be a tasting of the white wine Vermentino, as well as Mandarinello and Limoncello liqueurs.

Contact us where indicate and we will organize an unforgettable trip to the historical places in the heart of Tuscany.