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Holidays in Italy can be varied and should not be limited to a standard set of excursions and visits to the most popular entertainment places. We can offer you the chance to get to know Tuscany from the other side, to get to know this beautiful region much deeper in the literal and figurative sense.

Non-standard excursions in Italy can be at the quarries of Carrara and Colonnata. These cozy Italian towns will greet you with deposits of snow-white marble. You will touch the history, as this marble was mined in the days of Ancient Rome.

Carrara marble is associated with religious buildings (Roman Pantheon) and works of art by Renaissance masters. You will feel the reflection of the popularity of the use of marble even among the most ordinary inhabitants of Carrara. In their courtyards, you will see incredible marble sculptures that complement the overall picture of the marble region.

The marble quarries tour will immerse you in the atmosphere of the traditional craft of the locals and you will feel the value that marble products have in them. Discover the wonderful world of creating masterpieces.

The guided tour to the marble quarry can be combined with a gastronomic tour, where you can have the opportunity to taste delicious tallow prepared in a special way in marble baths using traditional Italian spices and herbs. A wonderful addition will be a tasting of the white wine Vermentino, as well as Mandarinello and Limoncello liqueurs.

Contact us where indicate and we will organize an unforgettable trip to the historical places in the heart of Tuscany.