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The guided tour in Lucca attracts tourists with a relaxing stroll through the charming small town of Tuscany. The combination of powerful walls and bastions with cozy streets will give you the feeling of incredible charm from this gem among the touristic giants, Florence or Pisa.

An experienced guide will draw up a route and an excursion program taking into account your wishes and will help you to see the most important things and learn interesting facts about this “city of a hundred temples”. Due to the presence of many churches decorated with rare Byzantine mosaics, Lucca received this nickname from the locals. This city will surprise you with the beauty of its patterned facades and unique collections in museums.

Lucca will greet you with uncrowded streets and give you the opportunity to calmly walk, have conversations or take beautiful photos in all significant places. Each excursion is not like the other, because in this town there is no need to rush and hurry anywhere. With a slow, aristocratic gait, you will explore the beauty of the local architecture and appreciate the atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

During the excursion you will learn that the city of Lucca was founded more than two thousand years ago. And many buildings have survived from those times, absorbing the spirit of historical events, revolutions, love stories and military conflicts.

In addition, Lucca will open you up to a city of arts and traditions. This little town known to tourists will not leave you without pleasant impressions from your walk. Local small restaurants will also take care of this, ready to delight you with their specialties. And our guides will choose a gastronomic itinerary according to your taste.

You can book a guided tour in Lucca by contacting where indicated. We will be happy to surprise you.