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The guided tour in Pisa is a trip into the city of Miracles. This is the name of the main square in this beautiful town and the main destination for tourists which is famous for the Leaning Tower.

Book your guided tour in Pisa and you will discover many interesting places and attractions of this historic city with a medieval soul, full of legends and myths.

Your first acquaintance with Pisa will be love at first sight. And many tourists have found love for themselves here. After all, Italy disposes to romance and tender feelings.

Mesmerizing views of historic palaces and the Arno River will impress even experienced travelers. Enjoy picturesque small streets, cozy squares surrounded by towers. Discover the unique architecture of the 11th century church of San Michele in Borgo, the majesty of the Cathedral and the Baptistery. And this is just a small part of what you will see while walking in Pisa.

When you have an experienced guide, you will gain the maximum from the walk, learning all the most interesting aspects about the town and its attractions, and you will not have to look for popular tourist spots at any time. The itinerary will be done according to your preferences.

A guided tour in Pisa is also a great opportunity to taste delicious Italian dishes. An experienced guide will lead you through the streets of some of the most traditional Italian restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger after a few hours of walking.

Pisa is a business card of Tuscany. With its own character in architecture and culture. Learn more about the history of the city and its famous personalities, one of these being Galileo Galilei.

It’s very easy to book a guided tour in Pisa – contact us at the indicated contacts.