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Our network of professionals is a perfect solution of Luxury Service with high quality standards in Italy with a particular focus on Tuscany where we have our headquarters.


Then walking along the outer gallery of the Uffizi palace, we arrive at the banks of the Arno, an ideal starting point to enjoy the view of the river and the hills surrounding Florence and the Ponte Vecchio to admire and appreciate its particularity.

A tourist visit that will leave in your heart the memory of the great moments of glory, not only of the city, but of our own history.

The walk in the enchanting city of Florence starts from the church of Santa Maria Novella, temple of art, faith and culture, continues in the San Lorenzo district elected to celebrate the powerful Medici dynasty where we find the Baptistery and the Cathedral, up to then to get to Piazza della Signoria, where the past and present intertwine


The walk in the fascinating Pisa begins from the Piazza dei Miracoli where is the famous Leaning Tower, the Cathedral, the Baptistery work of great value, in which Galileo Galilei was baptized, and then the last artistic masterpiece: the Monumental Cemetery. Our journey will continue towards Piazza dei Cavalieri, where the statue of Cosimo I welcomes us right at the entrance of one of the most important and oldest Italian universities: the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.

Also Pisa is historically known as one of the 4 Maritime Republics which organizes in June every year the “June Pisano” period when you can admire some of the most beautiful and important historical events in all of Tuscany such as the “Gioco Del Ponte “, The” Regata of S. Ranieri ” and the famous” Luminaria “evening in honor of S. Ranieri patron of the city, in which the whole town is festively decorated with special” candles “and with fireworks that illuminate it all night long.


The walk in the city of Lucca can’t begin unless the imposing sixteenth century city wall intact at that which “protects” the city’s historical center from which you can admire the numerous towers and numerous bell towers in the city in the background Renaissance palaces of excellent linearity style.

It’s ‘possible to cover the walls by bike or go for a short walk before entering the city center. The ideal path starts from the picturesque square of the Amphitheatre to continue in the way of  Fillungo, where it still plays the “rub” evening accompanied by the notes that come by the Institute of Musical Studies in Piazza del Suffrage. Will then continue to the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini Court in San Lorenzo and in the direction of the charming squares of St. Michael and St. Martin.


Siena walk in the beautiful UNESCO-protected town, starts from the Basilica of San Domenico, where the relics of St. Catherine and continues along the ancient Via Francigena, the backbone of the great medieval Siena.

Along this route there is the Monte dei Paschi, the historical site of the oldest bank in Europe, Piazza Tolomei, the Cathedral of superb example of Gothic architecture where Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, Nicola and Giovanni Pisano have left their jobs and the ‘Academy Chigiana. The natural conclusion of the tour is the famous Piazza del Campo with its wraparound seems to embrace the guest and invite him to keep in memory the experience of traveling through time.


Very interesting tour is the visit of Volterra, a town in the province of Pisa, on a hill between Val di Cecina and Val d’Era. It’s called “City of Alabaster” where you can admire numerous workshops with their teachers who are able to compose the most important works with this precious rock. It’s also possible to visit the museum of alabaster.

Our walk starts from Piazza dei Priori, continues in the direction of the Cathedral and the Duomo and ends at the Roman Baths and the Roman Theatre. On this way you can admire the Necropolis, the Theatre of Vallebona and the imposing Medici Fortress. A fascinating guided tour in an Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance city at the same time where this special atmosphere is breathed in every single stone.

San Gimignano

Another town of big interest is S. Gimignano located on the hills in the province of Siena. Medieval village with “beautiful towers” for its characteristic medieval architecture has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your walk on the old Via Francigena starts from Porta S. John and ends at Porta S. Matthew crossing Piazza della Cisterna and Piazza Collegiate and admiring the palaces of the Podestà and the Towers of Salvucci. Must seen the Church of St. Augustine and a stop at the panoramic point to admire the beautiful landscape of the Tuscan hills.