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The guided tour in San Gimignano is the choice for travelers who prefer walking in a cozy town with picturesque nature, represented by vineyards, cypresses and groves of olive trees.

Traditionally for Tuscany, here you will see many towers from the Middle Ages, which have a pristine appearance and reminders of the time when they still belonged to the families of wealthy aristocrats.

Tuscany is famous for its churches, monasteries and museums. San Gimignano is no exception and will delight you with an abundance of attractions. The walking tour program will include visits to such places:
● Town museum
● Cathedral Square
● Collegiate Church

Although the town is tiny, you will never feel lonely, as San Gimignano is very popular and always filled with travelers from different countries.

The excursion to San Gimignano is primarily associated with the medieval towers that are built throughout the town and it’s surroundings. Our experienced guide will take you through the streets of the city so that you can see these architectural monuments from the best angles.

After your walk through the Sun drenched streets, you can have a snack with the world’s most delicious ice cream made from natural ingredients. And then go down the hills to the springs with natural fresh drinking water.

Planning a romantic trip? San Gimignano is ideal for organizing a romantic dinner in the vineyard. Tuscan wine tasting will be combined with traditional Italian dishes.

An excursion to San Gimignano with a guide is distinguished by a wonderful and cozy atmosphere due to the fact that this town can be experienced in a couple of hours, and all the most interesting parts are compact and located within walking distance. An experienced guide will help you enjoy a walk through the ancient town, and you will still have the strength for the evenings entertainment to continue your acquaintance with Tuscany and its culture.

You can book an excursion to San Gimignano with a guide by contacting where indicated.