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The guided tour in Volterra will give you an unforgettable journey in the ancient town. If you want to visit the homeland of the Etruscans and learn more about the millenary history of Italy, this guided tour is perfect for you. Be ready to see a variety of attractions of traditional Italian culture.

Your itinerary will cross the main symbols of Volterra’s cultural heritage, allowing you to visit:
● the Medici Castle of the XIV-XV centuries
● the Palazzo Pretorio with an ancient tower
● the Piazza dei Priori
● the 12th century Cathedral in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin

This is a small list which is incomplete compared to all the iconic places of which Volterra preserves as the best example of the centuries-old history of the city and of the entire Tuscany region.

The guided tour in Volterra is ideal for children and adults. The Etruscan Art Museum will surprise every visitor. A walk along the narrow stone streets will introduce you to the shops of Italian artisans who make various stone and alabaster souvenirs.

The guided tour in Volterra will save you time in searching for interesting places because the itinerary will be made according to your requests and an expert guide will be able to immerse you in local culture and traditions through the most interesting streets of the town.

Lovers of exhibitions will see unique collections in the alabaster museums, in the sacred art museums and in the splendid Pinacoteca di Volterra.

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