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Edible gold tasting in Tuscany is a gastronomic specialty in Italy for exotic lovers. Absolutely harmless procedure for ingestion of finely ground 23-carat gold. It is added as a crumb to dishes and creates a special atmosphere for the meal.

Gold, like many other chemical elements, is found in the human body. Therefore, very small doses will not harm your health. And in the Middle Ages, it was considered a medicine.

Traveling to Tuscany will become a story for you that you will always have to tell your friends. After all, there are not so many countries in the world where you can taste dishes with the addition of gold.

The history of the use of gold dates back to ancient Egypt. Later it gained popularity in China and Greco-Roman culture. And in Italy, food with edible gold is comparable to “food of the gods.”

The edible gold tasting will allow you to sample dishes such as sweet desserts with added golden crumbs, various cakes and candies, Italian sparkling wine with gold glitter in a glass, and even risotto.

Food grade gold doesn’t have any smell or taste. Therefore, chefs add natural flavors to highlight the uniqueness and sophistication of the dish. You will be offered the choice of gold with different flavors: vanilla, lime and, traditionally for Italy, with the taste of white truffle.

Tailor your preferences and experience this gourmet cuisine with an Italian flavor.

A food tour in Tuscany is incomplete if you deny yourself an edible gold tasting. More and more fans of luxury and style are becoming fans of edible gold and occasionally allow themselves such exotic things. Today this trend is gaining momentum. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to be in the trend of modern society.

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