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The Guided tour in Siena is a sudden adventure in time travel. The city seems to be frozen between the XIV and XV centuries. The architecture is executed in the Gothic style and impresses with its dense buildings in narrow streets that lead to old temples.

Siena is imbedded with the spirit of the Middle Ages and will not let you go without stories of the traditions of its locals, legends about the orders of glorious knights and the oldest bank in Europe, which is still in operation. And for entertainment, horse races, known throughout Italy, are held twice a year. We recommend visiting Siena during the summer months.

Siena is town with history. Our guides will immerse you in the cultural characteristics of this glorious city. And a special surprise has been prepared for sweet lovers during the guided tour it will be possible to taste the famous desserts created here: Ricciarelli, Cavalucci, Panforte.

The Guided tour in Siena will be comfortable and informative for you after a sightseeing tour, you will be able to independently walk around the cozy town, see the sights and feel like one of the locals.

Siena is a city of two hearts. The whole life of the Sienese revolves around the square in the center of the city of Piazza del Campo and the Duomo Cathedral.

Siena will satisfy the most discerning tourist by discovering:
● Picturesque locations for photos
● Intriguing stories about the town
● Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages
● Gastronomic delights of local desserts

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